Lottery scam quick guide: it's a scam if...

  • you win any lottery where you didn't buy a ticket! It's really that easy! It's not just too good to be true: it's bait in a trap!
  • you receive a generous grant out of the blue. Sadly (but not surprisingly) there aren't any benevolent people regularly throwing around millions of pounds/dollars/euros to randomly chosen people. This is just the lottery scam without the ticket.
  • they send you partial payment in the form of a cheque, money order, or direct bank transfer and want you to pay them fees out of that money. They're playing you for a sucker: cheques are frequently forged, and direct transfers made by compromising some poor schmuck's online banking service. You'll wind up a victim of fraud, or a party to it.
  • they want you to send them any money of any sort for any reason. They might try to say there are courier fees or taxes to cover. They're lying. Call their bluff and tell them to take the fees out themselves -- they'll never ever agree, because they can't defraud you unless money is making the reverse trip from you to them somehow.

Thursday, October 20, 2005




Crystal softwares lottery proudly announces today the winners of its

internet lottery program for this quarter. The lottery program is

conducted every quarter with email addresses of internet users. The draws

are usually from about 26,000 email addresses from all over the world,

which are selected from the internet randomly. The draws are made in four

categories using a special computer balloting system.

Your receipt of this mail means that your email address has won in

category �D� of the draws. Your email address drew the winning numbers:

32:01:00:67:4 serial number 3232134,batch number Cy/45879/NL/05,lottery ref number SL8455544

and security credited file numbers 01-37-44-85-4520 and subsequently won the sum of $300,000 USD.

You are at this point advised to contact our NL agent below to begin your


Name: Mr Ronnie Anderson


Tel: +31-649-238-845

You will be given a form to complete and return same to any one of our

appointed financial trustees. Their winning/processing department will

validate your winning and provide information on the collection of your


All winning must be claimed not later than 10th of

November, 2005. After this date all unclaimed funds will be included in

the next stake

You are advised to initiate contact with our agent within one weeks of

the receipt of this mail. Any prize whose collection is not initiated

within the stipulated time will be deemed unclaimed. We do urge you to

fully cooperate with us so that you could collect your winning.

In course of any change of address do inform our agent as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs N De Jong.



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