Lottery scam quick guide: it's a scam if...

  • you win any lottery where you didn't buy a ticket! It's really that easy! It's not just too good to be true: it's bait in a trap!
  • you receive a generous grant out of the blue. Sadly (but not surprisingly) there aren't any benevolent people regularly throwing around millions of pounds/dollars/euros to randomly chosen people. This is just the lottery scam without the ticket.
  • they send you partial payment in the form of a cheque, money order, or direct bank transfer and want you to pay them fees out of that money. They're playing you for a sucker: cheques are frequently forged, and direct transfers made by compromising some poor schmuck's online banking service. You'll wind up a victim of fraud, or a party to it.
  • they want you to send them any money of any sort for any reason. They might try to say there are courier fees or taxes to cover. They're lying. Call their bluff and tell them to take the fees out themselves -- they'll never ever agree, because they can't defraud you unless money is making the reverse trip from you to them somehow.

Monday, April 17, 2006


Date: 16-Apr-2006 20:05

Date: 16 April 2006
Ref Nr: DZL/CN/6654/CP
Dear Prize Winner,

Europe/America private international e-games organizers and
co-sponsors, DAYZERS LOTERIJ, officially bring to your notice of the
final draw result of February-2006 DAYZERS LOTERIJ-wheel E-game which
was conducted at our international corporate office complex in The
Most recently this foundation set up the NEW LOTTERY SCHEME to give out
prizes based on COMPUTER BALLOT SYSTEM.By doing this the foundation
seek to encourage the use of Internet for academic and business
pursuits.It major aim is to promote
music,theater,art,literature,projects in the social and political arena
with a focus on health,as well as science, research, and higher
education.We wish to congratulate and inform you on the selection of
your email coupon number which was selected among the 45 lucky
consolation prize winners.
Your email ID identified with coupon No.DZL2348974321 and was selected
by our E-games Random Selection System (ERSS) with entries from the
50,000 different email addresses enrolled for the E-game.Your email ID
was included among the 50,000 different email addresses submitted by
our partner international email provider companies.
You have won a consolation cash prize of US $1000000.00 (One Million US
Dollars) only.
The DAYZERS LOTERIJ Group. have approved a payout of your consOlation
cash prize which will be remunerated directly to you by the official
Payment Agency Board.
Our DUE PROCESS UNIT (DPU) will render to you complete assistance and
provide additional information and processes for the claims of your
consolation prize.
For due processing of your winning claim, please contact the DPU
Information Officer Mr. William Vander who has been assigned to assist you.
MANE : Mr.William Vander
Tel: 0031-617-924-770
Fax: 0031-847-564-528
Once again congratulations from all our staffs on your consolation
prize winning, we hope you will partake in our forth coming DAYZERS
LOTERIJ Email-games.
Anita Raynes(Mrs).
(Group Coordinator)
NB: In accordance with the DAYZERS LOTERIJ E-games policy and
regulaations,this notification is dispatched directly to only the 45
lucky consolation prize Winners.
This notification also contains information that is proprietary,
privileged or confidential or otherwise legally exempt from
disclosure.If you are not the right recipient whose email address
attached to the lucky numbers along with the winning information?s you
are not authorized to read, print,retain, copy or disseminate this
notice or any part of it.


Anonymous said...

Well, i have received this exact email and i was sceptic about it. That's why i looked it up on internet and found this site.

What I am wondering is, why isn't this known better and why wasn't this on some kind of news, because dayzers is mentionned a lot, and i don't think dayzers likes this very much?!

Anyway, I am glad I found this blog, so I know for sure that it is not true.

Thanks for that,


Spotter said...

Scammers often refer to real entities in their scams -- it gives them an air of credibility. Sometimes the entities who are being impersonated make a note about it on their website, warning people of the fraud. The overall lack of visibility was one of the reasons I started this blog: I want people to be able to easily discover that these things are scams if they take the time to do a search.