Lottery scam quick guide: it's a scam if...

  • you win any lottery where you didn't buy a ticket! It's really that easy! It's not just too good to be true: it's bait in a trap!
  • you receive a generous grant out of the blue. Sadly (but not surprisingly) there aren't any benevolent people regularly throwing around millions of pounds/dollars/euros to randomly chosen people. This is just the lottery scam without the ticket.
  • they send you partial payment in the form of a cheque, money order, or direct bank transfer and want you to pay them fees out of that money. They're playing you for a sucker: cheques are frequently forged, and direct transfers made by compromising some poor schmuck's online banking service. You'll wind up a victim of fraud, or a party to it.
  • they want you to send them any money of any sort for any reason. They might try to say there are courier fees or taxes to cover. They're lying. Call their bluff and tell them to take the fees out themselves -- they'll never ever agree, because they can't defraud you unless money is making the reverse trip from you to them somehow.

Monday, June 19, 2006


From: Linda Moore <>
Date: 19-Jun-2006 18:05

Airport Hale Rd Halebarns
Altrincham Cheshire WA15 8XW UK
Batch No: WD18/0065/04RN
Our Ref: UKNL/255457004/04


We wish to congratulate you over your success in our computer
balloting sweepstake held on saturday 17th of June 2006. This is a
millennium scientific computer game in which email addresses were
used. It is a promotional program aimed at encouraging internet users;
therefore you do not need to buy ticket to enter for the game.

However, your email address was attached to ticket number
034-22478556; with serial number 129 draw the lucky numbers
06-09-13-15-40-43-02, which eventually won the lottery in the first
category of the draws.

Therefore, you have won a lottery jackpot prize awards of
Ј1,500,000.00 (one million five hundred thousand pounds Sterling Only)
This is from total prize money of US$30,000,000.00 distributed to
winners from 1st to 3rd categories.

Note that this program was largely promoted and sponsored by a group
of philanthropist, industrialists from the internet ware industry and
some other big multinational firms who wish to be anonymous. You may
wish to establish contact via e-mail with the particulars presented
below citing the batch and reference numbers to this letter. Telephone
lines are open between the hours of 8.00am - 7.30pm on Monday through

Customer Service Unit,
Tel/Fax No: +44-870-135-2454
Contact person: MR STANLEY O'BRIEN.

Our winners are assured of the utmost standards of confidentiality,
and press anonymity until the end of proceedings, and beyond where
they so desire.

Be further advised to maintain the strictest level of confidentiality
until the end of proceedings to circumvent problems associated with
fraudulent claims.


At your disposal, we remain.
Very Truly Yours,
International Promotions Unit,
Airport Hale Rd Halebarns
Altrincham Cheshire WA15 8XW UK

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